All The Pretty Horses

Venus DeMars and All The Pretty Horses has been a musical project for me, (Venus DeMars,) for over 15 years... the line up has changed over those years, with all very talented musicians I have come to know, and continue to bring back into the ATPH fold on occasion.

Here I will list who, (as well as I can remember,) the musicians, (and dancers,) who are, or have been part of this ATPH project in the past with me:

Bill Bailey, Ed Ford, Matt Batchelor, LeAnn MacDougall, Graig Grossman, Jendeen, Terrica, Eden Taylor, Tempest, Jazz Angel, Shannon Blowtorch, Emily 'Star' Hooper, Kat Morgan, Evil Dawn Dancer, Raymond Breed, Stacy, Kevin Meisner, Katy, Scott P...
These are the main ATPH members over the years, there are a number of others, who put time in as well, but the list goes on too long to include everyone, though please do e-mail me if you are looking for yourself ;) I'll add you too!!


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